Beginner Math For Toddlers

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Autor: J. STEVEN YOUNG Editorial: Just for Kids Páginas: 52 ISBN: 9781943924066 Géneros: 12:YBG:Interactive & activity books & packs;12:YBLC:Early learning: numbers & counting;12:YQM:Educational: Mathematics & numeracy Sinopsis: Give your child a head start in math! Math is an ,important subject ,that is very useful in the academe and in life. Introduce math concepts to your toddler to prepare him/her for proper schooling. Using this wonderful and highly effective workbook, your tot should be able to understand basic math concepts and prepared to handle more complicated theories that will be introduced later on. Children are ,using math skills early ,in life and throughout their daily routines and activities. , , , This is great news as these skills are important for ,getting prepared for school. , But ,early math ,doesn&rsquo,t mean taking out the calculator during playtime. , Even ,before they start school, most children develop an understanding of addition and subtraction through everyday interactions. , For example, Thomas has two cars, Joseph wants one. , After Thomas shares one, he sees that he has one car left ,(Bowman B. T. et al., 2001, p. 201). , Other ,math skills ,are introduced by way of ,daily routines ,you share with your child&mdash,counting steps as you go up or down, for example. , Informal activities like this one give children a jumpstart on the formal math instruction that starts in school. What ,math knowledge will your child need ,later on in elementary school? , ,Early mathematical concepts and skills ,that first-grade mathematics curriculum builds on include


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Just for Kids
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Beginner Math for Toddlers

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