Deadly Dining

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Autor: WILLIAM MANCHEE Editorial: Top Publications, Ltd. Páginas: 340 ISBN: 9781935722786 Géneros: 12:FF:Crime & mystery;12:FHP:Political / legal thriller;12:FH:Thriller / suspense Sinopsis: A triple homicide is caught on tape by a professional photographer yet the person or persons responsible and the motive for this grisly crime are a mystery. This is the kind of high-profile murder case that attorney Paula Waters loves but as she tries to unravel the twisted facts a critical witness is murdered and two others disappear. When the trial finally begins and she thinks she has everything figured out, Stan informs her that she has it all wrong! Paula isn&rsquo,t happy with Stan&rsquo,s revelations, particularly since he has been of little help to her during the trial. In the past, he has been right there with her from the beginning to the end, but this time he has been busy helping their new associate Jodie Marshall with her civil defense of an ex-Army MP who thwarted a thief in a jewelry store heist but managed to shoot the store owner in the process. Stan has his own troublesome bankruptcy case too. A Pakistani immigrant has been defrauded of his life savings of $250,000 by a thug preying on fellow countrymen wanting to immigrate to the United States. Stan puts his client into a Chapter 11 reorganization but the thug has little respect for U.S. laws or its judicial system causing Stan&rsquo,s plan to go awry. Stan&rsquo,s unexplained absences from the office further exacerbate his shaky relations with Paula, particularly when she discovers he&rsquo,s apparently having liaisons with a hooker!_,


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Top Publications, Ltd
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Deadly Dining

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