Eye Of The Storm

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Autor: R.K. KING Editorial: Stormwalker Media Páginas: 270 ISBN: 9780995896512 Géneros: 12:FL:Science fiction;12:FM:Fantasy Sinopsis: It all began with the sound of thunder. A thunder that came in the night. A thunder that changed the world. As the Storm erased humanity as we knew it the survivors would eke out an existence within the only place of safety, the Storm&#39,s Eye. The Eye would be their salvation, but it would also be their cage. The tribes of the Eye battle each other for scraps and temporary land, always on the move as the Eye itself moves. It is a brutal life, but it is the only life they know.Until the day they find the girl in the crashed plane. When she wakes the mystery only deepens. She speaks an unknown language, and connot tell them where the plane came from. So the decision is made, an expedition into the chaos of the Storm to find an alleged safe land. The group would be led by a Stormwalker, a member of a nomadic people who choose to live within the Storm. They are seen as ghosts by the other tribes. If any can lead them through, he can.But a hope for a world outside the Eye goes against some of the tribes&#39, most sacred beliefs. The group must be careful, for not all wish to see them succeed. As the expedition enters the Storm they will be confronted with dangers unlike anything they&#39,ve ever seen, and wonders unlike anything they could ever imagine._,


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Stormwalker Media
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Eye Of The Storm

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