How To Be Friends With Women

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Autor: RICHARD G LOWE JR Editorial: The Writing King Páginas: 66 ISBN: 9781943517541 Géneros: 12:VS:Self-help & personal development Sinopsis: Dating, Women and Relationships. Three Things that all Men Want. Loving, Fulfilling Relationships The Best and most Loving Relationships begin with Friendship. Yet most men immediately try to take the leap to intimacy, skipping that vital first step, and thus wind up frustrated and unhappy. Not to mention, the so-called relationships they do achieve are not fulfilling and long-lasting. Do you want to know how to be friends with women? Have you always struggled around women? Do you find it difficult to talk to them? Understand them? And...of course, date them? Men, You Can Have Fulfilling Relationships Men can be their own worst enemy because the way they treat women sabotages their efforts. By focusing on friendship instead of immediately shooting for the bedroom men will find their relationships are happier, longer lasting and more fulfilling. Men, did you know that it is possible to be friends with a woman? A revelation, I know. But for some people, that is a serious statement. Did you also know that, contrary to popular belief, you can be 'just friends' with more than one woman? Believe me, friendship can be just as fun as intimacy, and by being willing to be friends, you set yourself up as confident, self-aware and interesting. You do know what it means to be friends with a lady, right? Have you ever been friends with someone of the opposite sex? I'm not referring to intimate relations, I'm talking about friendship. How to be surrounded by Beautiful Women The benefits of being surrounded by beautiful women are numerous. You'll feel more confident. Be invited to social events. Make your friends jealous and more. I know, I've experienced this myself. A few years ago, I started photographing belly dancers, models and supermodels. It didn't take me long until I became known as the belly dance photographer for Southern California. Virtually every weekend and quite a few weeknights I traveled to shows all over the area to practice my art. I received invitations to dance events, parties, masquerade balls, private events, and just about everything else you can imagine. The common denominator of all of those events was the beautiful women who surrounded me. Buy this book NOW to Learn How to Have Fulfilling, Exciting Relationships So if you want to gain those benefits, buy this boo


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How to Be Friends With Women

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