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Autor: BETTY BALSAM Editorial: Green Ivy Páginas: 458 ISBN: 9781943955909 Géneros: 12:0:0 Sinopsis: For centuries, immigration has been taking place throughout the world, from different parts of the world, by different groups of people, to different countries. Until recently, immigration was considered a cultural, intellectual, and population gain for the host countries. Assimilation of foreign immigrants into Judeo-Christian populations had never been an issue until Muslim immigrants began arriving in great numbers. ,Assimilation, multiculturalism, tolerance, the belief that the refugees would go back when conditions in their countries improved&mdash,those were the norm until 9/11 shook Western countries to the core. Contrary to Western beliefs, Muslims make no secret of their intention to spread Islam wherever and whenever they can, and they have no intention of assimilating into any Western culture. In fact, Islam discourages&mdash,actually forbids&mdash,assimilation. Norway, Sweden, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Greece and the United States have had to deal with the rise of extremist Islamists, often funded and indoctrinated by the governments and the clergy of Saudi Arabia and Iran. History, politics, and religion seem to encourage extremist behavior in the Muslim world. Iran was transformed, practically overnight, from a monarchy struggling to catch up with the modern world to a theocracy. The issues these countries face are ancient and complex&mdash,Western liberal ideas incomprehensible and repulsive to many. Islamerica is a compilation of historical events, past and present, highlighting Islamist extremism and its effects on Europe and the U.S.&mdash,in fact, the world. This is a global problem that the civilized world is faced with now, and most likely will be for decades to come._,


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