Lucid Nightmares - Horror Stories Collection

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Autor: JACOB HARDY Editorial: New Ampersand Publishing Páginas: 314 ISBN: 9791188195299 Géneros: 12:DQ:Anthologies (non-poetry);12:FK:Horror & ghost stories Sinopsis: An Authentic Narrative of a Haunted House <,Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu>, , -The story explores the supposed haunting of a house under the occupation of an invalid married couple, their children, and their servants. Dracula&#39,s Guest <,Bram Stoker>, -An Englishman visits Munich and in spite of the hotelier&#39,s warning to not be late back, leaves his carriage and wanders toward the direction of an ",unholy", village, only to find a ,tall and thin stranger at the crest of a hill. Green Tea <,Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu>, -Based on the psychological complexities of human mind, the work is pervaded by a mysterious aura. A drink opens the inner eye of the protagonist. What follows is a mind-boggling tale of eeriness and reality. In The Dark <,Edith Nesbit>, -Two best friends are bedevilled by a third friend, who haunts them from grade school to adulthood. He seems to intuit things he can&#39,t know, and always tells the truth. The Black Stone <,Robert Ervin Howard>, -",And the thought recurs to me--if such a monstrous entity as the Master of the Monolith somehow survived its own unspeakably distant epoch so long--what nameless shapes may even now lurk in the dark places of the world?", The Call of Cthulhu <,Howard Phillips Lovecraft>, -While sorting the affairs of his deceased ,Uncle, a man accidentally stumbles upon a series of dark secrets connected to an ancient horror waiting to be freed. The Devil in the Belfry <,Egar Allen Poe>, -The quiet town is devastated by the arrival of a devilish figure playing a big fiddle who comes straight down from a hill, goes into the belltower. The Dualitists <,Bram Stoker>, -Adolescent troublemakers Harry Merford and Tommy Stanton take the ancient rite of male bonding to a macabre level ,after receiving a set of matching knives for Christmas. The Dunwich Horror <,Howard Phillips Lovecraft>, -In the degenerate, unliked backwater of Dunwich, a most unusual child ,is born. The Familiar <,Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu>, -A sea captain, living in Dublin, is stalked by ",The Watcher",, a strange dwarf who resembles a person from his past. The Haunter of the Dark <,Howard Phillips Lovecraft>, -The Church of Starry Wisdom who ,uses an ancient artifact ,to


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Lucid Nightmares - Horror Stories Collection

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