The Mindwrks Project

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Autor: RICHARD WAYNE Editorial: Evergreen House Publishing LLC Páginas: 710 ISBN: 9781622171378 Géneros: 12:FH:Thriller / suspense Sinopsis: In the aftermath of the end of the Vietnam War, many questions remained about what actually happened. Using his natural narrative gift, author Richard Wayne allows the reader to explore one such mystery, The Mindwrks Project. The Mindwrks Project was a top level military program coordinated by the CIA. Designed by a brilliant physician, Dr. T. Trang along with Charcot Institute of Paris trained psychiatrist, Herbert Bower, the program began with the purpose to enhance the fighting capabilities of the South Vietnamese troops once the US troops were withdrawn. With the initial success of the testing, it became obvious that the project could become a devastating weapon. When a rogue CIA section chief allowed his lust for money and power to overcome the real objectives, the project began to change. With devastating results, the original testing on Viet Cong POWs moved secretly to American soldiers. With this chilling scenario, Richard Wayne creates a spine-tingling novel of suspense as the long term ramifications of the outrageous mind-control experiment manifests in the lives of troubled Vietnam veterans. One such victim was decorated Vietnam veteran William Patterson, a law abiding family man who goes on a bizarre rampage in 1985, killing three Maryland State Troopers. As he faces the death penalty in a sensational trial that will capture the nation's attention, his sister Beth and the court appointed lawyer are determined to discover the cause of her brother's uncharacteristic behavior. Meanwhile, the crooked CIA opportunist uses his power and intimidation to stymie the amateur investigation. Writing in a briskly descriptive style, Mr. Wayne takes the reader around the world, moving the reader through a series of suspenseful events. With a firm grasp on all the complicated elements of this enthralling tale, Richard Wayne creates compelling characters and natural dialogue. Intertwined in the twists and turns of the plot is a series of relationships developed by the characters used by Mr. Wayne to examine the far reaching legacy of war, the death penalty, and the way the United States government treated its Vietnam veterans. Besides being entertaining, The Mindwrks Project will continue to evoke reflections long after the novel is finished. Former prosecutor and criminal defe


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Evergreen House Publishing LLC
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Tapa Blanda
The Mindwrks Project

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