The World Economy: Structure And Markets

The World Economy: Structure And Markets

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This book covers the main features and problems of the contemporary world economy: the globalization process, the sources of economic growth, national policies to promote economic progress, and the role of the different international institutions. The first two units are dedicated to explain the main economic development indicators, the stages of economic development, the determinants of GDP per capita and the role of innovation in productivity growth. Other units are dedicated to explain the channels of economic interdependence, the catalysts for globalization, the international flows of capital, exchange rates and macroeconomic policies, and the role of the main international organizations, like the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.Finally, the books presents the goals and the economic effects of regional integration, and the basic features of the European Unions integration process.To facilitate its use as teaching material, each unit contains a small list of exercises, a glossary of key concepts and specific literature on the content covered in the chapter.