Visual Arts. Workbook. 3 Secondary.. Revuela

Visual Arts. Workbook. 3 Secondary.. Revuela
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    Libro nuevo. Entrega en su domicilio de 24 a 48 horas a través de mensajería urgente. Revuela is an educational project that has been conceptualized hand in hand with more than 150 teachers, specialists and students and that reflects the needs of the school. We believe in an active, critical and global citizen model, so we look to the future, challenging teachers, students and families to be generators of change. Revela longs to bring about small big changes.It is a global project designed for all students to learn, develop their skills and transfer learning to their lives. It has a virtual learning environment that facilitates communication and favors a more effective learning mode.With Revuela, four main principles are addressed:- Respond to the need for social transformation.- Develop a new person model.- Accompany in the challenges posed by the new curriculum.- Ensure equitable and quality education, which promotes learning opportunities for all.The project responds to the following axes:- Global citizenship. From SM we approach citizenship as the main axis of our project and we develop it from two areas of intervention: the sustainable development goals and the ethics of care. We start from a transversal sequencing, to work on sustainability objectives and objectives linked to the competence to learn to take care of in a global way in all areas. In addition, Revuela includes an Emotional Education program, which focuses on the importance of developing emotional competencies in a rigorous, continuous and coherent way, and that brings together students, teachers and families.- Personalization of learning. With Revuela we are committed to personalized education to allow the creation of learning itineraries that best adapt to the particularities of the curriculum and the needs of the classroom, valuing the pedagogical autonomy of teachers and centers, and therefore:* Groups the contents in block.* Sequence the areas transversely from the contents of Knowledge of the medium in Primary.* Allows for editability in the digital environment.* It presents two sequencing options: vertical, organized according to the contents, and horizontal, following a thematic unit.- Competential learning. At SM we are committed to inductive and experiential learning. All the elements that constitute the competency learning process are integrated into learning situations, which involve the implementation, in an integrated way, of competencies and knowledge, through a motivating, relevant and significant problem. In each situation, the student works in a practical way following the learning sequence, APRENDO, which ends with a deliverable or challenge.- Comprehensive evaluation. The curriculum structure of the LOMLOE establishes that the evaluation must be based on the degree of development of the established competencies. Following this scheme, Revuela presents a comprehensive evaluation model based on key evidences.- Attention to diversity. Revuela offers learning accessibility measures, which guarantee that all students develop the necessary skills to achieve the objectives set by the educational law. It conforms to the concept of Universal Learning Design (DUA in Spanish) to meet the needs of all students and addresses diversity globally through:* Competency methodology.* Visual presentation of the contents.* Transversal programs that offer learning scaffo



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